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Stinchcombe Hill Bench Above the MistStinchcombe Hill is an exceptional Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (A.O.N.B.) noted for superb views from the Cotswold Way above steep slopes in all directions and supporting a wide biodiversity of flora and wildlife. Large areas of the summit and hillsides including three Sites of Special Scientific Interest (S.S.S.I.) support important areas of Unimproved Cotswold Limestone Grassland (U.C.L.G.). A recent survey at the listed archaeological site on the Drakestone promontory has revealed many ancient features; while relics of a long military history are found nearby.

Over 200 acres are registered with the Charity Commissioners and administered by a Trust which promotes public access for walking and horse-riding plus a full access condition for the Hill Parishes in partnership with the Historic Stinchcombe Hill Golf Course. A joint intensive programme by local conservation volunteers and the Golf Club to restore view-points and hillsides to grassland from scrub and tree incursion has enabled the new Cotswold Trail to fully circle The Hill and pass through two lost glades.

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