The Stinchcombe Hill Recreation Ground Trust

Appendix 1

Appendix I



Area Conveyed

5th January 1929

John Cory
Sir James Herbert Cory, Bart.
John Herbert Cory,
Herbert George
Donald Cory (1)

John Cory
Sir James Herbert Cory (2)

George Lister (3)

Stanley William Tubbs (4).

Golf Course -68a 1r 16pWoodlands -52a 1r 35p
16th January 1929

Sir Charles Thomas
Keble Prevost Bart. (1)

George Herbert Prevost
The Reverend Thomas Charles Keble (2)

Stanley William Tubbs (3)

38a 0r 0p
25th January 1929

Walter Daniel Gorton (1)

Stanley William Tubbs (2)

13a 2r 0p
24th July 1929

Frances Susan Purnell (1)

Frances Susan Purnell
George Maitland Reynell (2)

Reginald Herbert Penley
Wilfrid Murray-Browne (3)

Sir Stanley William Tubbs (4)

26a 2r 27p
29th August 1929

The Berkeley Estates Company (1)

The Rt. Hon. Randal Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Berkeley F.R.S. (2)

Sir Stanley William Tubbs (3)

28a 0r 0p
15th March 1938

William Inkerman Dowdeswell Orchard (1)

Sir Stanley William Tubbs (2)

Sir Stanley William Tubbs and The Trustees (3)


The total of the purchase money for the land subsequently conveyed to the Trustees was £1,217 (apart from expenses) making £6.50 per acre.